Closed Captions Settings Adds closed captions display user styling support to JWPlayer 8


Closed Captions Settings plugin enables users to customise style of the captions view with a customisation menu .

User caption display customisation for Live online broadcasts is a requirement set out by FCC-12.

The settings are stored locally for recalling and restyling the captions style. A reset option takes it back to the default player css syle.

A HLS tracks plugin is provided for native texttracks subtitles menu support. Audiotracks support is also provided with a seperate audio menu for control.

When used in conjuction with the settings menu. The captionssettings icon is displayed in the menu


  • Change font size.
  • Change font family.
  • Add an edge style of either a Drop shadow, Raised, Depressed, Outline, Uniform.
  • Change the font colour, the background colour and the border window colour.
  • Change the font opacity, the background opacity and the border window opacity.
  • Save user style settings for reusing on each player load.
  • Reset style settings to default style in the player css.
  • HLS texttracks support for CC subtitles menu.
  • Support for displaying captions settings from the settings menu.


Contact for a site or local demo download.

(Current Version 8.0.0)


  • JWPlayer 8.0 and above

Plugin Available For Purchase via Paypal


Basic example.


           (function(jwplayer) {

                    var player = jwplayer("player").setup({

                        width: "100%",
                        aspectratio: "16:9",
                        //preload: "none",
                        autostart: false,
                        tracks: [
                            { "default": true, // note the quotes around "default"!
                                kind: "subtitles", srclang: "en", label: "English",
                                file:  "//" },
                            { kind: "subtitles", srclang: "de", label: "Deutsch",
                                file:  "//" },
                            { kind: "subtitles", srclang: "fr", label: "French",
                                src:  "//" },
                            { kind: "subtitles", srclang: "it", label: "Italian",
                                file:  "//" }
                        sources: [

                                    type: "webm",
                                    file: "//"
                                }, {
                                    type: "mp4",
                                    file: "//"
                                }, {
                                    type: "ogg",
                                    file: "//"

                        plugins: {
                            "": {